Table 1

 Patients’ characteristics, indication, type and material for VIM and STN surgical procedures

PatientAge at PD onset (years)PD duration before VIM (years)Indications for VIMVIM surgeryVIM DBS leadInterval between VIM and STN (years)Indication for STN DBS (lead 3389)Side
L, left; R, right; UL, upper limb; LL, lower limb; T, tremor; MF, motor fluctuations; Bi, bilateral.
1325L UL tremorR thalamotomy19MFBi
2348L UL tremorR thalamotomy12Bi UL & LL T+MFBi
33219R UL tremorL thalamotomy8MFBi
4462R UL tremorL thalamotomy
4610L UL tremorR VIM DBS33877L LL tremorR
5533L UL tremorR VIM DBSMonopolar14Bi UL & LL TBi
6476R UL tremorL VIM DBSMonopolar10MFBi
74012R UL tremorBilateral VIM DBSMonopolar11bilat. UL & LL T+MFBi
8409L UL tremorBilateral VIM DBSMonopolar12L UL & LL T+MFBi
9388L UL tremorR vim DBS33876MFBi
10399R UL tremorL VIM DBS33875Bi UL & LL T+MFBi
114814L UL tremorR VIM DBS33878L LL T+MFBi
12464R LL tremorL VIM DBSMonopolar8R UL T+MFBi
135014R UL tremorL VIM DBS33873L LL T+MFBi
14462L UL tremorR VIM DBSMonopolar12L LL T+MFBi
15431R UL tremorL VIM DBSMonopolar11MFBi