Table 2

 Caregiver and care receiver characteristics in the treatment and control groups (frequencies/mean (SD))

Treatment group(n = 15)Control group(n = 15)
ADL, Activities of Daily Living; CDR, Clinical Dementia Rating; GDS, Geriatric Depression Scale; OARS, Older Americans Resources and Services; SMMSE, Standardized Mini-Mental State Examination.
    Age (years)59.1 (12.2)58.9 (11.4)
    Education (years)12.6 (3.3)12.9 (2.4)
    OARS (number of health conditions)4.5 (3.1)6.4 (4.8)
    Sex (number of women)13/1514/15
    Employment (number in work)7/156/15
    Sole carer (number)9/157/15
    Relationship to patient (number spouse/partner)13/1513/15
Care receivers (at T0)
    Age (years)69.7 (8.2)67.0 (6.9)
    Education (years)12.3 (2.7)12.1 (2.1)
    Years since diagnosis10.0 (7.5)8.5 (4.0)
    Hoehn and Yahr Stage3.0 (1.2)2.5 (0.9)
    Schwab and England ADL47.3 (24.9)59.3 (21.3)
    SMMSE (total)22.8 (7.0)25.9 (3.6)
CDR (number)
    No/questionable dementia10/159/15
    Mild dementia3/155/15
    Moderate dementia2/151/15
    Severe dementia0/150/15
GDS-15 (total)7.0 (3.4)5.4 (2.7)
OARS (number of health conditions)7.1 (3.6)8.3 (3.1)
Sex (number women)1/152/15
Employment (number in work)2/152/15