Table 4

 Final model with six independent predictors of early whiplash

VariableOdds ratio (95% CI)Likelihood ratio χ2*
*Obtained as the change in the model deviance (−2log(likelihood)) that results when each covariate is removed from the full six covariate model.
95% CI, 95% confidence interval.
Age0.957 (0.942–0.972)34.05
Previous neck pain8.32 (2.89–23.89)25.55
Occupational class8.49
    Professional and managerial1.00
    Semi-skilled or skilled2.01 (1.04–3.86)
    Unemployed or unskilled0.97 (0.49–1.91)
Car size7.98
    Small1.74 (0.99–3.04)
    Large2.29 (1.24–4.19)
Struck car stationary2.15 (1.25–3.71)7.39