Table 1

 Number of participants in whom the doctor’s primary diagnosis was recorded in any of nurse’s diagnoses (including role players)

Doctor’s primary diagnosisRecorded by nursePer cent of headache typeTotalPer cent of all headache types
Tension-type headache10892.311746.4
Drug overuse headache787.583.2
Headache or facial pain with local disorders342.972.8
Cluster headache4100.041.6
Headache associated with head trauma375.041.6
Idiopathic stabbing headache266.731.2
Subarachnoid haemorrhage150.020.8
Intracranial neoplasm150.020.8
Persistent (NOT tic-like) pain00.020.8
Acute ischaemic cerebrovascular disease1100.010.4
Headache not classifiable00.010.4
Trigeminal neuralgia1100.010.4
Headache from chronic use or exposure00.010.4
Chronic paroxysmal hemicrania00.010.4