Table 1

 Baseline characteristics of patients with isolated headache as only sign of CVT

PatientSexAgeTime from onset to diagnosis (days)Predisposing factor/causeSite of thrombosisNon-contrast CT scan
APL, antiphospholipid syndrome; DVS, deep venous system; F, female; LJV, left jugular vein; LLS, left lateral sinus; M, male; RJV, right jugular vein; RLS, right lateral sinus; RVT, recurrent venous thrombosis; SLE, systemic lupus erythematosus; SSS, superior sagittal sinus.
1M40<1NoSSS, RLS, DVSSpontaneous hyperdensity
2F2623Oral contraceptionSSS, RLS, DVSSpontaneous hyperdensity
3M402Recurrent venous thrombosisLLS
4F4115SLE + APLLLS, LJVNormal
5F32<1Oral contraceptionRLS, RJVSpontaneous hyperdensity
6F336Oral contraceptionRLS, RJVSpontaneous hyperdensity
7F316Oral contraceptionLLSSpontaneous hyperdensity
8F2915Gastric carcinoma, oral contraception,iron deficiency anaemiaRLSNormal
9F2630Oral contraceptionRLSSpontaneous hyperdensity
10F3020SLE + APLLLS, DVSSpontaneous hyperdensity
11M567Recurrent venous thrombosisLLSSpontaneous hyperdensity
12F5115Oral contraception, factor V Leiden mutationLLS, LJVNormal
13M5711Protein-S deficiency, factor V Leiden mutationRLS
14F3830Oral contraceptionLLSNormal
15M516Factor V Leiden mutationSSSNormal
16F2227Oral contraception, iron deficiency anaemiaSSSNormal
17M3710NoRLSSpontaneous hyperdensity