Table 1

 Baseline scores and medication use

CharacteristicDonepezil/placebo (n = 9)Placebo/donepezil (n = 10)
Values are mean (SD). ADAScog, Alzheimer’s disease rating scale, cognitive scale (higher scores indicate more impairment); MDRS, Mattis Dementia Rating Scale (lower scores worse); MMSE, Mini Mental Status (lower scores worse); UPDRS, Unified Parkinson’s Disease Rating Scale (higher scores worse). COMT, catechol-O-methyltransferase.
Age75.0 (9.8)72.1 (8.1)
ADAScog total29.5 (13.5)32.3 (9.5)
MMSE23.1 (2.5)21.4 (3.4)
Total UPDRS64.9 (25.9)65.8 (21.7)
Motor UPDRS41.2 (17.4)41.2 (17.6)
Duration of PD7.1 (2.6)14.4 (13.1)
Use of levodopa (+/− COMT inhibitor)109
Use of dopamine agonsits33
Use of selegiline00
Use of neuroleptic (quetiapine)43