Table 1

 Age standardised data for consultations, diagnoses, prescriptions, and referrals for headache for 253 GPRD practices from 1992 to 2000

MeasureDefinitionAge standardised rate
Data are for patients aged 15 years or older.
*Referral data were based on 77 practices that used Vision computer software.
BNF, British national formulary, 2000; GPRD, General Practice Research Database.
ConsultationsRate of consultations for headache/100 registered patients/year4.446.392.49
Registered patients diagnosed with headache during one yearPer cent of registered patients diagnosed with headache during one year3.214.561.87
Prescriptions for migraine (BNF 4.7.4)Rate of prescriptions for antimigraine drugs (BNF 4.7.4)12 for each 100 headache consultations33.8836.7126.63
Neurology referrals for headacheRate of neurology referrals/100 patients consulting with headache*2.131.922.65