Table 1

 Individual neurological signs in the primary and integrative domains of the neurological assessment instrument

Primary measuresIntegrative measures
L, left; R, right.
    Cranial nerve palsy RSensory integration
    Cranial nerve palsy L Stereognosis R
    Smooth pursuit Stereognosis L
    Saccade to target Graphaesthesia R
    Saccade to commandGraphaesthesia L
    Gaze impersistence RR-L confusion
    Gaze impersistence LMotor confusion
    Convergence R Tandem walk
    Convergence L Rapid alternating movements R
    Tone increase R Rapid alternating movements L
    Tone increase L Finger-thumb opposition R
    Hypereflexia R Finger-thumb opposition L
    Hypereflexia L Finger-nose R
    Plantar R Finger-nose L
    Plantar LMotor sequencing
    Romberg’s sign Fist-ring R
    Chorea R Fist-ring L
    Chorea L Fist-edge-palm R
    Tremor R Fist-edge-palm L
    Tremor L Oszeretski
    Mirror movements R
    Mirror movements L
    Glabellar tap