Table 4

 Group scores for individual measures

VPT cases scoreTerm controls scoreχ2p
Figures represent the number of individuals in a group scoring 1 or 2 for each measure. Finger-thumb, finger-thumb opposition; L, left; R, right; Rapid alternating, rapid alternating movement.
*p value by Fisher’s exact test.
Primary measures
    Cranial nerve palsy R67104.490.106
    Cranial nerve palsy L116008.540.014
    Smooth pursuit1610621.640.441
    Saccade to target91004.890.087
    Saccade to command62201.140.566
    Gaze impersistence R153204.940.085
    Gaze impersistence L173205.890.053
    Convergence R51101.120.571
    Convergence L27012.390.302
    Tone increase R177413.330.189
    Tone increase L199613.270.195
    Hypereflexia R41111461.920.383
    Hypereflexia L39151391.590.452
    Plantar R910313.090.213
    Plantar L1212640.370.832
    Romberg’s sign80003.880.044*
    Chorea R205910.660.719
    Chorea L178820.700.706
    Tremor R82111.840.399
    Tremor L82210.660.718
    Mirror movements R35301955.810.055
    Mirror movements L45302473.360.187
    Glabellar tap3112753.940.139
Integrative measures
    Sensory integration
        Stereognosis R20000.9430.464*
        Stereognosis L10000.470.683*
        Graphaesthesia R60212.320.313
        Graphaesthesia L102301.440.486
        R-L confusion2138986.240.044
    Motor confusion
        Tandem walk53210.130.939
        Rapid alternating R159821.040.593
        Rapid alternating L2115932.190.335
        Finger-thumb R1412342.170.338
        Finger-thumb L1718543.300.192
        Finger-nose R144017.440.024
        Finger-nose L285338.170.017
    Motor sequencing
        Fist-ring R2114860.320.854
        Fist-ring L2122971.010.604
        Fist-edge-palm R21151260.450.799
        Fist-edge-palm L31201570.470.790