Table 1

 Scaling assumptions, reliability, validity and responsiveness for the ONLS, ODSS and other measures

n = 35 unless otherwise indicated.
ICC, intraclass correlation coefficient; MRC, Medical Research Council; MSWS-12, Multiple Sclerosis 12-item Walking Questionnaire; ODSS, Overall Disability Sum Score; ONLS, Overall Neuropathy Limitations Scale; SF-36, 36-item Short Form; SRM, standardised response mean.
Mean (SD) score (n = 100)4.3 (2.2)4.2 (2.3)
Floor and ceiling effect (%)
    Upper limb2324
    Lower limb813
    Agreed cases (n/20)1918
    Internal consistency (Cronbach’s α)0.60.59
    10-m walk time (n = 70)0.58<0.0010.53<0.001
    MRC Sum Score9 (n = 97)−0.62<0.001−0.61<0.001
    MSWS-126 (n = 65)0.65<0.0010.430.03
    Rotterdam Handicap Scale7−0.77<0.001−0.77<0.001
    Rankin Scale80.62<0.0010.66<0.001
    SF-365: physical function−0.65<0.001−0.66<0.001
    Role limitation physical−0.370.03−0.370.03
    Social function−0.370.03−0.380.03
    Physical component summary score−0.550.001−0.56<0.001
Responsiveness: SRM (95% CI)0.76 (0.67 to 0.81)0.88 (0.8 to 0.95)