Table 1

 Characteristics of 112 patients with homonymous hemianopia related to traumatic brain injuries

HH, homonymous hemianopia; ULTC, unilateral temporal crescent.
Types of visual field defects at baseline
    Complete HH44 (39.3%)
    Incomplete HH68 (60.7%)
    Homonymous quadrantanopia36 (32.1%)
    Partial HH16 (14.3%)
    HH with macular sparing3 (2.7%)
    Homonymous scotomatous defects11 (9.8%)
    Homonymous sectoranopia1 (0.9%)
    Unilateral temporal crescent1 (0.9%)
Congruity of visual field defects
    Congruous35 (31.2%)
    Incongruous29 (25.9%)
    Not available (including two one-eyed cases and one ULTC case)47 (42.9%)
Location of lesion
    Occipital14 (12.5%)
    Optic radiation26 (23.2%)
    Optic tract12 (10.7%)
    Multiple60 (53.6%)
Time from injury to initial visual field test (median (SD))5 (60.1) (range 0.5–360) months
Associated neurological deficits
    Isolated HH22 (20.2%)
    Non-isolated HH87 (79.8%)
    Not available5
    Improved8 (38.1%)
    Not improved13 (61.9%)
    Not available91