Table 1

 Comparison between early and late allocation groups

Early (n = 76)median (IR: Q1–Q3)Late (n = 77)median (IR: Q1–Q3)
HADS, Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale; H&Y (on), Hoehn and Yahr stages during on; H&Y II/III/IV, Hoehn and Yahr stages II, II, IV during on; IR, interquartile range; M/F, male/female; MMSE, Mini Mental State Examination; PD, Parkinson’s disease; UPDRS, Unified Parkinson’s Disease Rating Scale part I, II, III, IV and total score.
*Expressed as number of patients and p value based on χ2 test.
    Age67.5 (61.5–72)69 (62.5–73)0.7
PD characteristics
    Disease duration7 (4–11)8 (4–12)0.59
    H&Y (on)2.5 (2.5–3)3 (2.5–3)0.56
    H&Y II/III/IV*39/29/832/35/100.48
Clinical data
    UPDRS-total (on)54 (46–65.5)56 (49–63)0.62
    UPDRS I (on)4 (2–5)3 (2–4)0.1
    UPDRS II (on)16 (12–19.5)16 (12–20)0.67
    UPDRS III (on)31 (25–37)34 (28–41)0.32
    UPDRS IV (on)3 (1–5)2 (1–5)0.43
    Levodopa (mg)500 (300–700)350 (200–550)0.07
    MMSE28.5 (27–30)29 (27–30)0.99
    Brixton4 (2–6)4.0 (2–6)0.45
    HADS anxiety6.5 (4–10)6 (4–10)0.97
    HADS depression7.5 (5–10)6 (4.5–9)0.45