Table 1

 Characteristics of 20 patients with MMN

MRC sum score arm: summation of MRC scores, which were bilaterally determined in 5 arm muscles (maximum values, 50). Abnormal MRI brachial plexus: swelling and/or increased signal intensity on magnetic resonance imaging.
*Investigated in 16 patients.
MRC, Medical Research Council; MRI, magnetic resonance imaging.
Number (%) male sex15 (75%)
Mean (SD) age at onset (years)34.4 (8.1)
Mean (SD) years untreated6.9 (6.6)
Mean (SD) years treated4.5 (2.4)
Number (%) with upper limb onset14 (70%)
Mean (SD) MRC sum score for arms41 (6)
Number (%) with raised anti-GM1 antibodies*5 (31%)
Number (%) with abnormal MRI brachial plexus8 (40%)