Table 4 Per cent BOLD signal change and F statistic results in the VOIs for the verbal and non-verbal working memory tasks
VOIAnatomical location (x y z stereotaxic coordinate)Mean BOLD change (%)F statisticp Value
Low PCS group 1Moderate PCS group 2Control group 3
Verbal working memory
VOI 1Left middle frontal gyrus (−38 42 16)0.230−0.033*0.3664.0690.03
VOI 2Right middle frontal gyrus (36 36 22)0.010*0.007*0.4808.5450.002
VOI 3Right middle frontal gyrus (36 28 26)0.135−0.026*0.3374.6670.02
Non-verbal working memory
VOI 4Right middle frontal gyrus (34 38 18)0.029*0.116*0.4317.0290.004
VOI 5Left middle frontal gyrus (−36 34 18)0.239−0.038*0.2653.4970.05
  • BOLD, blood oxygen level dependent; PCS, post concussive symptoms; VOI, volume of interest.

  • *Significantly different from control group 3 (p<0.05).