Table 1

 Cut-off levels used for categorisation of performance below normal cognitive function, walking ability, manual dexterity, dependency in activities of daily living, frequency of social or lifestyle activities below normal and sense of coherence

ADL, activities of daily living.
Cognitive functionSymbol Digit Modalities TestAge-related norms, written or oral reply,−1.5 SD21
Free recall portion of the Free Recall and Recognition of 12 Random Words TestAge-related/sex-related norms, −1 SD32
Walking abilityWalking speed 10 m (5×2)Age-related/sex-related norms, −1 SD33
Manual dexterityNine-Hole Peg Test<0.5 pegs/s34
ADLBarthel Index<100
Katz-Extended ADL IndexDependent in one or more items
Frequency of social or lifestyle activitiesFrenchay Activities IndexAge-related/sex-related norms, < lower quartile35
SOCSense of coherence scaleWeak SOC: 13–54 points; moderate-–strong SOC: 55–91 points30