Table 2

 Methodological quality scores of included studies of repeated-measures design (in alphabetical order on restoration and compensation therapy)

First author (year)External validityInternal validity
–, not measured; G, good; M, moderate; P, poor.
Numbers correspond to questions in checklist for assessing methodological quality of subject within repeated-measures design.
    Balliet et al (1985)12GGGMMPPMMP
    Kasten et al (1995)8MGMMPMPMP
    Julkunen et al (2003)6GMPMMGMGP
    Sabel et al (2004)7GMMGGGMGP
    Reinhard et al (2005)13GMMGPPGMGP
    Kerkhoff et al (1992)11GMPMMPGGMP
    Kerkhoff et al (1994)1GMPMGGGGMP
    Zihl (1995)2GGMMMMGMMP
    Nelles et al (2001)9GMPMGPPPP
    Pambakian et al (2004)10GMPMGGMMMP
SCT focused on reading
    Kerkhoff et al (1992)15GMGMGPGGMP
    Zihl (1995)16GGGMPGGMP