Table 1 Fourteen patients with loss of visual acuity/fields despite corticosteroid therapy
Patient NoSexAge (years)History of present illnessVisual acuities on admissionTherapy prior to deteriorationOutcome of visual acuitiesTime after therapy started (days)2 eyes involved
1F78Visual loss OS since 2 days0.250.03360 mg PD po0.0120.0065Yes
2F79Smeary vision OS since 4 days0.660.5200 mg HC iv, 40 mg PD po0.660.0061No
3F88Visual loss OS same day0.3330.006100 mg HC iv, 60 mg PD po0.33301No
4F82Visual loss OS same day0.10.001200 mg HC iv, 60 mg PD po0.102No
5F88Visual loss OU same day00.1668 mg DM iv, 80 mg PD po00.0011Yes
6F82Previous PMR 3 years ago, off steroids, OD blind 3 weeks ago, OS misty since 3 days0.0010.001200 mg HC iv, 500 mg MP iv x 3 days; then 80 mg PD po006Yes
7M64Sensory loss right forearm 3 weeks ago, double vision since 2 weeks, mild right hemiparesis since 1 day0.6660.66680 mg PD po0.3330.6662No
500 mg MP iv0.250.6665
120 mg PD po0.1660.6668
80 mg PD poHemiparesis deteriorated12
8F92Loss of vision OD 14 days ago0.0010.66660 mg PD po00.6661No
9F75Visual loss OD since 1 day0.51.060 mg PD po0.0011.02No
10M87Visual loss OD 6 days ago0.0061.0500 mg MP iv x 3 days; then 80 mg PD po0.0010.0123Yes
80 mg PD po0.01209
11F80Visual loss OD 2 weeks ago, blurred vision OS since 4 days0.0010.666500 mg MP iv x 3 days; then 80 mg PD po0.0120.0011Yes
80 mg PD po0010Yes
12F75OS blind 6 days ago, visual loss OD same day0.0501000 mg MP iv x 3 days; then 80 mg PD po003Yes
13F59Black spot OS since 2 days, visual loss OS same day1.20.00680 mg PD po0.666; scotoma0.0122Yes
80 mg PD po0.666; enlarged scotoma0.01227
14F77PMR since 3.5 years, visual loss OS 6 months ago, visual loss OD 2 weeks ago0.0160.1661000 mg MP iv x 3 days; then 80 mg PD po0.0120.17Yes
  • DM, Dexamethasone; HC, hydrocortisone; iv, intravenous; MP, methylprednisolone; OD, right eye; OS, left eye; OU, both eyes; PD, prednisolone; PMR, polymyalgia rheumatica; po, by mouth.