Table 3

 Forward stepwise multiple regression analysis for variables on admission predicting Barthel Index score at 6 months after stroke

ModelModel 1 TIS total scoreModel 2 TIS subscales SSB/DSB/COO
Variable*R2p ValueVariable*R2p Value
*Variables presented are Trunk Impairment Scale score (TIS), Barthel Index score (BI), age at the time of stroke onset (Age), pre-stroke Rankin Scale score (PSR), days post stroke on admission to the rehabilitation centre (Admission), the TIS static sitting balance (SSB), dynamic sitting balance (DSB) and coordination (COO) subscale score and National Institute of Health Stroke Scale score on admission to the rehabilitation centre (NIHSS).
Measure of trunk performance for the prediction models was TIS total score (Model 1) or its three subscales (Model 2) in combination with other predictive variables.
Admission–6 monthsTIS0.52<0.0001SSB0.50<0.0001
Model R20.640.69