Table 1 Clinical and MRI data of 46 patients with Chiari malformation divided into three age groups
Characteristic⩽18 years (n = 20)19–30 years (n = 10)⩾31 years (n = 16)p Value
Sex (M/F ratio)8/126/46/10NS
Chiari malformation I/II ratio15/510/015/1<0.005
EDS (%)52056<0.001
Snoring (%)358069NS
BMI19.1 (1.0)23.4 (1.8)26.9 (1.4)<0.001
Neurological symptoms (%)
    Motor weakness256075<0.01
    Cerebellar signs202031NS
    Vocal cord paralysis01019NS
    Trigeminal sensory loss01025NS
    IX and/or X palsies107019<0.01
    Sensory loss557056NS
    Impaired deep sensibility02019NS
    Pyramidal tract signs204044NS
MRI findings (%)
    Basilar impression106010<0.001
  • BMI, body mass index; EDS, excessive daytime sleepiness

  • Patients ranged from 4 to 64 years of age. Analysis of the effect of age group on continuous variable was tested by one way ANOVA with corresponding p significance values. Pearson χ2 tests were used for dichotomous variables.