Table 2

 Comparison of features of cases and controls

CasesControlsp Value
HA, headache; MUMS, migraine with unilateral motor symptoms.
Data are presented as mean (SD), unless otherwise specified.
The mean age of onset of MUMS was 36.5 years (range 14–59).
Features of episodic migraine (cases 9, control 18)
Days/month5.8 (3.4)6.4 (3.4)NS
No of episodes 3/month15.2 (10.3)17.3 (10.2)NS
Average intensity (0–10)7.4 (1.8)5.8 (2.0)0.05
Average duration (h)7.1 (15.4)16.2 (28.9)NS
Features of transformed migraine (cases 15, control 30)
Age of onset of frequent HA, (years)31.6 (9.6)27.4 (12.8)NS
No of years with frequent HA14.0 (9.1)12.3 (12.7)NS
No of days with HA in 3 months64.2 (20.0)76.9 (17.6)NS
Intensity of baseline HA4.6 (4.8)4.8 (1.7)NS
Continuous HA (Y/N)14/121/9NS
No of days with exacerbation in 3 months26.1 (20.3)24.1 (22.1)NS
Average intensity of HA exacerbation8.7 (1.4)8.4 (2.0)NS