Table 2

 Examples of scoring criteria for sub-threshold psychiatric classifications

ScoreDepressionManiaPanic disorder
0No depressive symptomsNo manic symptomsNo panic attacks
1Depressed mood lasting at least 2 weeksIrritable or expansive mood lasting at least 1 weekLimited symptom attacks (less than 4 physical symptoms)
2Depressed mood and/or anhedonia lasting at least 2 weeks plus minimum 1 other associated symptom (eg, feelings of worthlessness, suicidal ideation)Irritable or expansive mood lasting minimum 1 week plus maximum 2 associated symptoms—3 if irritable mood (eg, flight of ideas, inflated self-esteem)Full symptom attacks (more than 4 physical symptoms) of limited frequency (less than 4 in 1 month)
3Major depressive episode (depressed mood and/or anhedonia plus at least 4 other associated symptoms)Manic episode (irritable or expansive mood plus at least 3 associated symptoms—4 if irritable mood)Full panic disorder (full symptom attacks occurring more than 4 times in 1 month)