Table 1

 Antibodies, methods of detection and antigen location

Occurrence of antibodiesType of antibodyStudies that showed the antibodiesLocation of antigens
IC; immunocytochemistry; IH: immunohistochemistry; nCMAg, novel cell-membrane antigen; PFA, paraformaldehyde.
Characterised antibodies, n = 19anti-Hu, n = 7; anti-Ma2, n = 6; atypical, n = 1IH (methanol–acetone) and immunoblot with neuronal proteinsIntracellular, n = 14
VGKC, n = 5IH (PFA); IC with cells expressing Kv subunits; and radioimmunoassayCell membrane, n = 22
Partially characterised antibodies, n = 17nCMAg, n = 17IH (PFA); and IC with live neurones
No antibodies, n = 3