Table 5 Risk of unfavourable outcome in patients after moderate head injury predicted by variables included in the local database
Multivariable analysisOdds ratio95% CIp Value
Basal skull fracture8.892.53–31.26<0.001
Subarachnoid haemorrhage4.501.73–11.730.002
Subdural haematoma3.041.07–8.610.037
Marshall category1.821.33–2.50<0.001
Glasgow Coma Scale0.590.42–0.830.002
  • Variables not included in the multivariable analysis: depressed skull fracture, intracerebral haematoma/contusion, epidural haematoma, intraventricular haematoma, Injury Severity Score >15, age, co-morbidity, alcohol and/or drugs of abuse intoxication, high-risk characteristics of injury, male sex, hypoxia, hypotension, CT scan deterioration during clinical course.

  • Marshall category and Glasgow Coma Scale were considered to be continuous variables; basal skull fracture, subarachnoid haemorrhage, subdural haematoma and coagulopathy were considered to be dichotomised variables.