Table 1 Non-linear model fits for associations with estimated age at diagnosis
VariablenAdj R2p ValueNon-linear dfNon-linear p value
Motor examination score4380.15<0.00013<0.0001
Striatal volume2610.23<0.00011<0.001
Speeded finger tapping rate (mean)4080.14<0.00013<0.0001
Consistency in self-timed finger tapping4100.20<0.00013<0.0001
Word list learning (HVLT)4250.09<0.00011<0.01
Odour identification4240.10<0.00011<0.0001
  • Adj R2 = partial adjusted variance accounted for by estimated years to diagnosis to Huntington’s disease (HD) after accounting for covariates (see statistical methods section) and degrees of freedom used for non-linear fit.

  • HVLT, Hopkins Verbal Learning Test; Non-linear df, degrees of freedom for non-linear fit; non-linear p value, p value for non-linear element of estimated years to HD diagnosis fit.