Table 1 Descriptives and correlates of baseline postulated determinants with “wellbeing in adversity” at 18 months
DescriptivesPearson’s correlation coefficient†
nMean (SD)
Physical health indicators
    Activities of daily living functioning12246.4 (17.7)0.21*
    Pain1222.0 (1.4)0.10
    No medications prescribed1223.6 (2.4)−0.07
    Subjective health perception12262.4 (28.1)0.26**
Mental health and social relationships
    Mental health12276.7 (19.1)0.44***
    Cornell score1223.8 (3.9)−0.20*
    Social relationship11110.2 (1.8)0.31**
Dementia variables
    Neuropsychiatric Inventory Total12215.6 (14.1)−0.04
    Global dementia severity1223.7 (0.8)0.01
    MMSE score12216.7 (6.9)0.04
Sociodemographic variables
    Age12280.4 (7.3)−0.15
    Years of education1119.4 (1.5)0.08
Main outcome variable
    Baseline wellbeing in adversity1223.0 (0.7)0.44**
  • *Correlation significant at the 0.05 level; **correlation significant at the 0.01 level; ***correlation significant at the 0.001 level.

  • †Relationship with 18 month “Wellbeing in adversity”.

  • MMSE, Mini Mental State Examination.