Table 1 Baseline demographic and clinical characteristics of patients and normal controls
CharacteristicsMS patients, n = 147Normal controls, n = 27p Value
Sex, M/F, n (%)38/109 (25.9/74.1)14/13 (51.9/48.1)0.003
Age, years, mean (SD)/range30.7 (7.9)/18–5536.6 (7.9)/21–510.001
Disease duration, years, mean (SD)5.5 (5.4)NA
EDSS, mean (SD)/median1.8 (0.9)/2NA
Annual relapse rate 1 year before baseline, mean (SD)1.7 (0.7)NA
  • The comparison between patients with MS and the NCs group was performed using the Chi-Square test and the Student’s t-test. EDSS, Expanded Disability Status Scale; F, female; M, male; MS, multiple sclerosis; NA, not available.