Table 2 Baseline MRI characteristics of patients and normal controls
CharacteristicsPatients with MS, n = 147, median (range)Normal controls, n = 27, median (range)p Value
NBV, mm31500820 (1313270–1681271)1538488 (1304801–1625547)0.002
NGMV, mm3804343 (593018–968991)820923 (687035–883450)0.160
NWMV, mm3706960 (603196–788927)721015 (617766–809745)0.014
NPGV, mm3596753 (450838–743511)615155 (503224–658678)0.002
3VW, mm4 (1–14)3 (2–9)0.2
LVV, mm311880 (3465–50115)11142 (3789–57612)0.382
T2-LV, mm35330 (135–58335)NA
  • The comparison between MS patients and the normal controls group was performed using General Linear Model, adjusting for baseline age and sex. Values are given as medians (range). 3VW, third ventricle width; LVV, lateral ventricle volume; MS, multiple sclerosis; NA, not available; NBV, normalised brain volume; NGMV, normalised grey matter volume; NPGV, normalised peripheral grey volume; NWMV, normalised white matter volume; T2-LV, T2-lesion volume.