Table 5 Partial correlation analysis between PBVC and T2-LV changes at different time points adjusted for age at baseline MRI scan
PBVC 0–12PBVC 0–24PBVC 0–36PBVC 0–48PBVC 0–60
T2-LV 0–12r0.042−0.258−0.273−0.457−0.442
p Value0.8560.2590.2310.0370.045
T2-LV 0–24r−0.413−0.478−0.675−0.712−0.793
p Value0.0630.0280.001<0.001<0.001
T2-LV 0–36r−0.350−0.443−0.558−0.583−0.601
p Value0.1190.0440.0090.0060.004
T2-LV 0–48r−0.316−0.410−0.628−0.667−0.679
p Value0.1630.0650.0020.0010.001
T2-LV 0–60r−0.361−0.419−0.475−0.506−0.503
p Value0.1070.0580.0300.0190.020
  • n, number of patients; PBVC, percentage brain volume change; r = partial correlation coefficient; T2-LV, T2 lesion volume change.