Table 1 Characteristics of the suicidal patients
Completed suicidesAttempted suicides
Patient No 1Patient No 2Patient No 3Patient No 4Patient No 5Patient No 6
Age at DBS (y)675558506569
PD duration at DBS (y)8118141019
UPDRS III (score) off medication: pre-DBS/post-DBS, on stimulation (% reduction)*33/23 (30)80/24 (70)37/19 (49)58/16 (72)66/26 (61)67/23 (66)
Levodopa equivalent daily dosage (mg): pre-DBS/post-DBS (% reduction)*2400/455 (81)1960/0 (100)1400/300 (79)1280/1040 (19)5130/1375 (73)970/350 (64)
Parameters of stimulation*
    Contact (right/left)2/62/73/63/62/62/6
    Voltage (V, right/left)2.8/2.12.8/2.22.8/3.41.8/2.04.1/4.42.1/2.3
    Frequency (Hz, right/left)160/160160/160130/130130/130150/150130/130
    Pulse width (µs, right/left)90/9090/12090/9090/9090/9090/90
Time between DBS and suicidal behaviour (months)524146158
Pre-DBS psychiatric featuresPersonality disorder, depression, delusionsPathological gambling, hypersexuality, paedophiliaDepression, hallucinations on dopaminergic agonists
Family historyPD, suicidesPD
Pre-DBS suicide attemptsNoYes (n = 1)NoNoNoYes (n = 2)
Psychiatric features at time of suicideDepression, delusionsDepression, delusionsDepressionDepression
Setting/apparent triggerHome,/mild annoyanceHospital (left surreptitiously)/noneHospital/noneHome/familial conflictHome/prosecution in paedophilia caseHome/marital conflict
Method of suicideDrowningDrowningAttempted defenestrationAlcohol and drug overdoseAlcohol and drug overdoseDrug overdose
  • *Post-DBS data from the last evaluation before suicide.

  • DBS, deep brain stimulation; PD, Parkinson’s disease; UPDRS III, Unified Parkinson’s Disease Rating Scale, part III (motor examination).