Table 2

Mean and median MRC scores for frequent and infrequent fallers

Controls (n = 10)FSHD infrequent fallers (n = 10)FSHD frequent fallers (n = 8)
MRC distal
    Mean (SEM)5.0 (0.00)4.9 (0.05)4.5 (0.17)*
    25th;75th percentiles5.0; 5.04.8; 5.04.2; 4.8
MRC proximal
    Mean (SEM)4,9 (0.04)4,3 (0.11)†3.9 (0.16)*
    25th;75th percentiles4.8; 5.04.1; 4.43.7; 4.1
  • Mean (SEM) and median (25–75 percentiles) of the MRC scores for distal (ankle, wrist) and proximal (knee, hip, arm, shoulder) joint movements, to give an indication of the muscle weakness pattern of frequent and infrequent fallers.

  • *p<0.05 compared with controls and infrequent fallers; †p<0.05 compared with controls.

  • FSHD, facioscapulohumeral disease; MRC, Medical Research Council.