Table 3 Myelinated nerve fibre density, circular diameter and the ratio of myelinated nerve fibres <7/>7 μm
Case No(age in years)Clinical symptoms of NP and/or CANo of myelinated nerve fibres/ mm2×103Mean circular diameter (μm)Ratio of myelinated nerve fibres <7/>7 μm
10 (45)No symptoms8.77.61.2
13 (51)NP/CA6.47.40.8
17 (60)No symptoms6.38.61.3
21 (69)No symptoms6.37.51.3
23 (74)NP/CA5.17.11.0
25 (84)NP/CA5.87.11.2
Mean values
Patients (45–84)6.4 (1.2)7.5 (0.6)1.1 (0.2)
Controls (18–61)9.6 (1.5)5.8 (0.6)2.1 (0.5)
p Value (t test)0.0010.00010.0001
p Value (Mann–Whitney U test)0.0020.0010.002
  • Individual and mean (SD) values for the sural nerve in six patients with HSAN V and in 10 healthy controls.15

  • CA, Charcot arthropathy; HSAN, hereditary sensory and autonomic neuropathies; NP, neuropathy.