Table 1 Cognitive test variables and domains included in mild cognitive impairment case identification
DomainTest variable
Estimated premorbid IQAMNART26
Ravens CPM27
    VerbalCVLT—long delayed free recall28
    Visual24 point modified Rey–Osterrieth figure—delayed recall29
Construction24 point modified Rey–Osterrieth figure—copy condition29
24 point modified WAIS-R block design7
Language30 item Boston Naming Test30
Animal fluency31
Attention/psychomotor speedWAIS-R Digit Span forward-total score26
Trail Making Test A (time in seconds)27
Executive functionsTrail Making Test B (time in seconds)27
Stroop colour/word test—interference condition, number of colours named32
  • AMNART, National Adult Reading Test-American version; CVLT, California Verbal Learning Test; Ravens CPM, Raven’s Coloured Progressive Matrices; WAIS, Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale.