Table 1 Comparison of baseline characteristics of recurrent and non-recurrent Guillain–Barré syndrome (GBS) patients
GBS patientsp Value
Recurrent (during first episode) (n = 32)Non-recurrent (n = 476)
Age, years, mean (SD)34.2 (23.9)46.9 (21.5)0.001
Age <30 years44%22%0.006
Cranial nerve dysfunction38%42% (472)0.654
Miller Fisher syndrome13%4%0.049
Sensory–motor symptoms72%62% (474)0.275
Artificial respiration needed16%18% (472)0.691
Mildly affected*59%37% (450)0.011
Known with other autoimmune disease9%2%0.051
Preceding vaccination6%3% (475)0.219
Preceding gastrointestinal infection13%17% (475)0.541
Preceding respiratory infection28%37% (475)0.299
  • The number in parentheses is the number of patients on whom information was available (if different from the total).

  • *GBS disability scale ⩽3.