Table 1

Characteristics of patients who did or did not undergo tracheostomy

Tracheostomised (n=134)Not tracheostomised (n=1126)pOR
Sex (male/female)85/49602/5240.031.51 (1.04–2.19)
Site of onset (S/B)86/48701/425NS1.08 (0.71–1.63)
Period*58/76560/566NS0.77 (0.54–1.11)
EN (Y/N)71/63211/9150.00014.89 (3.37–7.08)
EN (Y/N)51/63211/9150.00013.02 (2.25–3.96)
NIV (Y/N)39/95203/9230.0021.86 (1.25–2.79)
ALS centres (Y/N)76/58453/6730.00031.95 (1.36–2.80)
Marital status*115/19816/3100.0012.30 (1.37–3.86)
Educational level*27/107135/991NS1.85 (0.88–3.26)
Mean age at onset (years)60.9 (10.7)65.2 (10.4)0.0001
Mean age at diagnosis (years)61.7 (11.1)66.1 (11.0)0.0001
Mean time onset-diagnosis (months)9.9 (8.3)10.4 (9.7)NS
  • ALS, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis; EN, enteral nutrition via percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy or percutaneous radiologic gastrostomy; NIV, non-invasive ventilation; NS, not significant; S/B, spinal/bulbar.

  • * Period, 1995/1999 versus 2000–2004; marital status, married versus unmarried, divorced or widow/widower; education level, high school or higher versus junior high school or lower.

  • Excluding the 20 patients who performed EN after tracheostomy.