Table 3

Headache data before and after withdrawal

PatientAge at withdrawal (years)Headache frequency in days per month, before and after withdrawalHeadache intensity on a scale from 0 to 3, before and after withdrawalDuration (hours of the day) before and after withdrawalDaily analgesic medication use, before and after withdrawal
M24*30Unknown2Unknown24UnknownASA+caffeine500+50mg. Acetaminophen 1g×2None
F3330302–312424Tramadol 100 mg×4. Acetaminophen 1 g×4. Morphine 10 mg×3None
F6030020240Codeine 50 mg×4. Acetaminophen 1 g×4.None
M193030232424Acetaminophen 1 g×2. Ibuprofen 600 mg×2. Tramadol 50 mg×2Acetaminophen 1 g
M283030222410–12Acetaminophen 2 g. Tolfenamic acid 300 mg (20 days a month). Tramadol 100 mg (20 days a month)None
F39301–221–224UnknownIbuprofen 400 mg×4. Acetaminophen 1 g×4Acetaminophen 1 g (1–2 days a week)
Mean values33.8302.324
  • Following withdrawal, prophylactic medication was given to patient Nos 2 (candersatan 16 mg), 5 and 6 (amitriptyline 100 mg), and 7 (topiramate 50 mg).

  • * No scale has been used to define the intensity of pain but the patient describes it as less than before medication withdrawal. No reports on frequency, intensity or duration after, only a marked reduction in medication use.

  • ASA, acetylsalicylic acid.