Table 1

Clinical characteristics and disability status of long-term PML survivors

PatientAge at onsetTreatmentDuration of disease (months)Disability at time of PML diagnosisOutcome (Modified Rankin Scale)
143HAART90Bilateral pyramidal syndrome and impulsivenessStable (1)
238HAART113Decreased visual acuity and executive functionsPartial improvement (1)
333HAART + 5HT2A antagonist75Expressive aphasia and right upper extremity apraxiaPartial improvement (2)
445HAART after four months of PML onset78Expressive aphasia, cognitive dysfunction, right pyramidal syndrome and sensory lossPartial improvement (2)
544HAART84Cognitive dysfunction, cerebellar syndromeMarked improvement but developed seizures (1)
6*54ARA-C188Bilateral cerebellar syndromePartial improvement (3)
736HAART + ARA-C + peptide T149Bilateral cerebellar syndromeStable (3)
835HAART162Dysarthria and truncal ataxiaPartial improvement (2)
949HAART80Bilateral cerebellar syndromeStable but developed seizures (4)
1033HAART180Bilateral cortical blindnessStable but developed seizures (4)
1140HAART + 5HT2A antagonist75Abulia, transcortical aphasia, right homonymous haemianopsia and right pyramidal syndromePartial improvement but developed seizures (4)
1233HAART83Right pyramidal syndromeStable (2)
1339HAART + IFNα79Left pyramidal and cerebellar syndromePartial improvement (4)
1434HAART74Left pyramidal syndromePartial improvement (2)
1537HAART150Expressive aphasiaMarked improvement (1)
1631HAART68Seizures, left pyramidal syndrome, cognitive dysfunctionMarked improvement of cognitive and motor dysfunction, but developed seizures (1)
1733HAART99Cognitive dysfunction and a right sided sensory lossStable (1)
1831HAART+ IFNα96Expressive aphasia and cognitive dysfunctionMarked improvement of aphasia (1)
1939HAART+ IFNα114Cognitive dysfunctionStable (3)
2039HAART92Right pyramidal syndrome and sensory lossStable (1)
2141HAART105Right cerebellar syndrome and dysarthriaPartial improvement (3)
2236HAART162Expressive aphasia and right pyramidal syndromePartial improvement of the aphasia (3)
2331HAART162Left cerebellar syndrome and dysarthriaPartial improvement of the cerebellar syndrome (2)
2433HAART + IFNα186Expressive aphasia and right pyramidal syndromeStable (4)
  • * HIV negative.

  • ARA-C, Cytarabine; HAART, Highly active antiretroviral therapy; IFNα, Interferon α; PML, Progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy; 5HT2A, Serotonin receptor 2A.