Table 1

Clinical demographics of patients treated with unilateral subthalamotomy

Age (years)56.9 (40–73)
Sex (men/women)61/7
Disease duration (years)10.8 (5–27)
Levodopa daily dose (mg)*1085.8 (600–2000)
No of doses/day5.4 (4–8)
Hoehn and Yahr†
UPDRS part III in “off” state66.8 (35–83)
UPDRS part III in “on” state30.2 (7–40)
  • Data are presented as mean (range) or number.

  • *Levodopa equivalents calculated as 10 mg of bromocriptine = 1 mg pergolide = 100 mg levodopa.

  • †Hoenh and Yahr scale in the “off” medication state.

  • UPDRS, Unified Parkinson’s Disease Rating Scale.