Table 3 Muscle pathology in myopathies with selectively high serum aldolase: comparative features
IIM group (75 biopsies)Aldolase+ group (12 biopsies)p Value (IIM vs Ald+)Jo-1 group (14 biopsies)p Value (Jo-1 vs Ald+)
No +ve% +veNo +ve% +veNo +ve% +ve
Inflammation, cell foci
    Perivascular, med size vessel29392170.202141.0
Muscle fibre features
    Enlarged muscle fibres2027000.06001.0
        Necrosis and regeneration10134330.097500.45
        COX stain reduced792170.60171.0
    Regional necrosis45001.0001.0
    MHC I on muscle fibre surface648510831.013930.58
    Alkaline phosphatase+30407580.3512860.19
    AcP+ cells21281083<0.00112861.0
    Increased connective tissue1317000.20171.0
    C5b-9 deposition, diffuse1520000.12270.48
    Reduced number1115181.0071.0
    Enlarged size1419000.20171.0
    Alkaline phosphatase stain1115000.35171.0
    C5b-9 deposition18242170.73171.0
  • Perimysial pathology, with fragmentation and acid phosphatase positive cellularity, were the only pathological features that differed from the IIM group.

  • % +ve, per cent of biopsies positive; Ald+, patients with selectively elevated aldolase; alkaline phosphatase stain, increased number of endomysial capillaries with positive staining; IIM, immune or inflammatory myopathy group; inflammation, cell foci, foci of mononuclear inflammatory cells; No +ve, number of biopsies positive; Jo-1, patients with myopathies associated with serum anti-Jo-1 antibodies.