Table 1

Demographics of groups G1–G3

Group 1: asomatognosia
G1-152/MIschaemic stroke
G1-275/MIschaemic stroke
G1-362/MIschaemic stroke
G1-481/FIschaemic stroke
G1-545/FHaemorrhagic stroke
G1-653/MHaemorrhagic stroke
G1-779/WIschaemic stroke
G1-873/MIschaemic stroke
G1-982/FIschaemic stroke
G1-1082/FIschaemic stroke
G1-1182/FIschaemic stroke
G1-1264/MIschaemic stroke
G1-1383/FIschaemic stroke
Group 2: non-asomatognosia+neglect
G2-148/MIschaemic stroke
G2-257/FIschaemic stroke
G2-376/MIschaemic stroke
G2-481/MIschaemic stroke
G2-567/MIschaemic stroke
G2-664/FIschaemic stroke
G2-785/MIschaemic stroke
Group 3: hemiplegia only
G3-168/MIschaemic stroke
G3-266/FIschaemic stroke
G3-344/FIschaemic stroke
G3-437/MIschaemic stroke
G3-540/FIschaemic stroke
G3-650/MIschaemic stroke
  • All patients have left hemiplegia. Patients in group 1 had severe, group 2 moderate, and group 3 mild or no proprioceptive and somatosensory defects.

  • G1, all asomatognosic cases; G2, non-asomatognosia with hemispatial neglect; G3, only hemiplegia.