Table 1

Fundoscopic and optical coherence tomography differences between optic neuritis in neuromyelitis optica and multiple sclerois

Arteriolar changes (n = eyes)22/323/400.00010.001
Arteriolar frosting (n = eyes)9/320/400.0024<0.0001
NFL thickness (μm) (mean (SD))59.2 (16.2)82.0 (17.6)<0.00010.004
M:T ratio (mean (SD))2.67 (0.70)3.38 (0.78)0.0110.026
  • Two sided Fisher’s exact p values are reported for the unadjusted analyses. Adjusted analyses used multivariable models adjusting for race, final visual acuity, sex and age. Average values are only reported for eyes with a history of optic neuritis. All analyses include clustering adjustment (two eyes from each patient).

  • MS, multiple sclerosis; M:T ratio, the ratio of the maximum NFL thickness in the arcuate bundles to the average temporal quadrant NFL thickness; NFL, mean nerve fibre thickness; NMO, neuromyelitis optica.