Table 1

Clinical data of all patients

Patient NoAge (years)GenderAge at epilepsy onset (years)Duration of disease (years)Presumed location of the epileptogenic zone (semiology and/or EEG)Seizure types everActual anticonvulsant therapy (per day)All anticonvulsants ever usedLast gtcs (months ago)Last seizure (months ago)No of gtcs everDuration of anticonvulsant therapy (years)
127M621Rt hemsm mot, automot, gtcsCBZ 1200 mgCBZ0.30.110021
240F1624Lft tempaura, automot, gtcsOXC 1050 mg PRG 600 mgCBZ, VPA, VGB, LEV, LTG, OXC, PHT, PRG0.10.113024
335M278Bilat tempaura, automot, gtcsVPA 2000 mg
LTG 300 mg
439F2514Non-locsm mot, automot, gtcsOXC 900 mg
TOP 350 mg
TOP, LEV, GBP, LTG, CBZ, OXC60.31314
544M2519Non-locaura, sm mot, gtcsLEV 3000 mg
VPA 2000 mg
GBP, VPA, LTG, LEV23141719
621F138Lft hemaura, automot, gtcsLTG 375 mgOXC, LTG, GBPna2848
734F2410Lft hemaura, automot, gtcsTOP 175 mgTOP, VPA, LTG601433
845F2718Lft hemaura, sm mot, gtcsLTG 550 mgTOP, VPA, LTG3622618
962F1547Rt temphypermot, gtcsLTG 300 mgCBZ, LTG120119025
1047M2225Rt tempaura, automot, gtcsLTG 400 mgVPA, TOP, GBP554425
1134F1816Rt hemautomot, gtcsLTG 500 mgVPA, LEV, PRD441914
1243F2518Rt hemautomot, sm mot, gtcsLEV 3500 mg
VPA 2000 mg
GBP, CBZ, OXC, TOP224916
  • abs, absence seizure; automot, automotor seizure; bilat, bilateral; CBZ, carbamazepine; ETH, ethosuximide; GBP, gabapentin; gtcs, generalised tonic–clonic seizure; hem, hemispheric; hypermot, hypermotor seizure; LEV, levetiracetam; lft, left; LTG, lamotrigine; mot, simple motor seizure; non-loc, non-localising; OXC, oxcarbazepine; PHB, phenobarbital; PHT, phenytoin; PRD, primidone; rt, right; temp, temporal; TOP, topiramate; VGB, vigabatrine; VPA, valproate.