Table 4

Spearman correlations between Rehabilitation Complexity Scale (RCS) items (n=179) and associations with the Northwick Park nursing and therapy dependency tools (NPDS and NPTDA), Barthel Index (BI), Functional Independence Measure (FIM) motor and cognitive scales at the start of treatment

CareNursingTherapy TD+TIMedicalTotalNPDSNPTDA
Rehab complexity scores
Therapy (therapy disciplines+therapy intensity)0.180.23
Total RCS0.72*0.79*0.64*0.64*
Northwick park dependency scores
Total NPDS0.80*0.70*0.260.38*0.73*
Total NPTDA0.160.180.72*0.190.49*0.22
Barthel and FIM scores
FIM motor−0.79*−0.69*−0.26−0.33†−0.72*−0.88*−0.26
FIM cognitive−0.33†−0.33†−0.44*−0.17−0.47*−0.47*−0.52*
  • Spearman rank correlation tests: *p<0.001, †p<0.01 (to account for multiple tests, the threshold for significance was taken as p<0.01—values above this are considered non-significant).

  • NPTDA, Northwick Park Therapy Dependency Assessment.