Table 6

False negative diagnosis of PD in three cases on blinded video review: reviewer 2

False NegativesBlinded video DiagnosisClinical features leading to diagnosisFP-CIT resultDrugs at time of video
Case 9DT++
  • Abnormal (grade 1)

  • Congruent

12 months on L-dopa 300 mg/day
Case 34DT+
  • Abnormal (grade 1)

  • Congruent

8 months on L-dopa 300 mg/day
Case 35DT+++
  • Abnormal(grade 1 JP; grade 2 JB)

  • Congruent

Drug naive
  • Congruent refers to predominant FP-CIT abnormality contra-lateral to most affected clinical side.

  • DF, dystonic features, for example collis, thumb hyperextension, shoulder elevation; DT, dystonic tremor; FP-CIT, N-ω-fluoro-propyl- 2ß-carbomethoxy-3ß-(4-iodophenyl) nortropane; JP and JB refer to nuclear physicians across the two sites; MF, myoclonic flurries; NFB, no fatiguable bradykinesia; NGI, no gait impairment; NPRT, no pill rolling rest tremor PD, Parkinson's disease.