Table 2

Gait and postural transition parameters obtained with the instrumented Timed Up and Go test

Untreated Parkinson's disease subjectsControlp ValueArea under the curve
Gait parameters
 Upper body
 Peak arm velocity124.4±9.2187.5±10.90.0010.910
  Peak arm velocity (MAS)103.4±10.6187.5±10.90.0010.958
  Peak arm velocity (LAS)145.4±13.7187.5±10.90.0250.764
 Arm swing range of motion (°)29.2±2.842.3±3.20.0050.826
  Arm swing range of motion (MAS)22.6±2.942.3±3.20.0010.910
  Arm swing range of motion (LAS)35.7±4.942.3±3.20.2660.660
 Arm swing asymmetry (% lv)35.5±5.421.6±2.70.0310.708
Lower body
Cadence (steps/min)111.7±1.7121.2±2.10.0010.854
Stride velocity (%ht/s)71.0±2.877.8±2.00.0650.729
 Stride velocity (MAS)71.0±2.977.8±2.00.0710.715
 Stride velocity (LAS)71.0±2.877.8±2.00.0630.729
Stride length (%ht)76.0±2.276.9±1.40.7520.507
Double support time (% gc)17.5±0.918.9±1.40.4370.333
Stride time variability (%)2.8±0.32.9±0.60.8700.590
Stride length variability (%)2.5 ±0.13.2±0.70.3630.535
Peak trunk rotation velocity (°/s)34.0±2.644.6±9.60.0100.806
Trunk rotation range of motion (°)7.3±0.79.2±0.50.0410.764
Turning parameters
 Average turning velocity (°/s)76.2±4.087.5±3.20.0370.764
 Peak turning velocity (°/s)163.3±8.9175.9±8.30.3120.617
Sit-to-stand parameters
 Average sit-to-stand velocity (°/s)30.9±1.034.1±2.10.1990.618
 Peak sit-to-stand velocity (°/s)89.2±4.994.1±5.00.4210.562
  • Fl/Ext, flexion/extension; gc, gait cycle; ht, height; LAS, less affected side; lv, largest value; MAS, more affected side.