Table 5

Results of logistic regression with all clinical and MRI parameters, with the presence/absence of clinical disease progression after 5.5 years as the dependent variable

PredictorBOR95% CIp Value
Disease type (PO vs RO)2.5012.221.39 to 107.310.024
aPVVC 0– to 1.350.035
  • Dependent variable was presence or absence of progression after 5.5 years, defined as an increase in EDSS of at least 1 point.

  • aPVVC 0–2, annualised percentage ventricular volume change within the first 2 years; B, parameter estimates (b coefficients); EDSS, Expanded Disability Status Scale; intercept, log odds (logit estimate); PO, progressive onset; RO, relapsing onset.