Table 2

Neuropsychological tests used and results for healthy controls and clinically isolated syndrome patients

Clinically isolated syndrome patients with neuropsychological assessment (n=37)Controls (n=54)p Value (t test)
Age (years, mean (SD))29 (7)28 (8)NS (p=0.9)
Educational level (years, mean (SD))13 (3)13 (3)NS (p=0.8)
Selective reminding test
Long-term storage58 (10)60 (7)NS (p=0.2)
Consistent long-term retrieval54 (12)55 (10)NS (p=0.5)
Delayed recall11 (1.4)12 (0.8)NS (p=0.08)
Visuo-spatial memory
Short-term recall20 (5)23 (5)0.02
Long-term recall7.4 (2.5)8 (2)NS (p=0.12)
Symbol digit modalities test52 (10)59 (9)0.0008
Paced auditory serial addition task (3′)40 (10)48 (8)<0.0001
Word list generation30 (9)36 (10)0.001