Table 1

Clinical characteristics of the patients and levels of CSF markers

DLBADOther dementias
No (men/women)34 (13/21)31 (13/18)21 (9/12)
Age at examination (years)75.8±10.767.9±12.370.0±11.9
Age at onset (years)68.6±11.262.2±12.565.0±12.1
MMSE score11.2±9.714.0±9.312.4±11.1
tau (pg/ml)168±81555±248*181±78
Phospho-tau (pg/ml)34.5±17.286.3±39.0*28.6±10.1
Aβ42 (pg/ml)27.4±12.621.6±7.431.5±12.1
  • Values are shown as mean±SD.

  • * p<0.01 compared with DLB and other dementias by ANOVA, followed by Tukey's post hoc test.

  • p<0.01 compared with other dementias.

  • Aβ, β-amyloid; AD, Alzheimer's disease; DLB, dementia with Lewy bodies; MMSE, Mini-Mental State Examination.