Table 1

Motor neuropathy patient characteristics

No of patientsPer cent of patients
 Distal predominant7093
 Arm predominant7195
 Leg predominant23
Conduction block4256
Conduction block, or IgM versus GM1 or NS6S6283
Sensory loss, legs2837
SNAPs abnormal, legs1621
IgM M-protein1723
  • Clinical and laboratory features in the motor neuropathy group (75 patients). Most patients had distal, asymmetric, arm predominant weakness.

  • Conduction block, motor conduction block4 found in at least one location at a non-entrapment site along the length of a nerve; Conduction block, or IgM versus GM1 or NS6S, presence of at least one of motor conduction block or high titre IgM binding to NS6S or GM1 ganglioside; IgM M-protein, IgM M-protein present in serum detected by immunofixation methodology; MMN, multifocal motor neuropathy, consensus criteria4; SNAPs abnormal, sensory nerve action potentials absent or reduced amplitude.