Table 1

Characteristics of the three groups

GroupAge— M (yrs)Height—M (cm)UPDRS— M (score)Years since diagnosis—M (yrs)Dose of levodopa—M (mg)Sex
Parkinson's disease FOG72.4 (6.79)172.51 (8.51)32.8 (7.34)9.07 (5.29)1013.33 (390.27)13 male, 2 female
Parkinson's disease Non-FOG72.19 (6.23)170.66 (9.69)28.81 (6.35)5.97 (4.61)725.0 (449.81)10 male, 6 female
HC70.75 (5.98)167.96 (7.53)NANANA6 male, 10 female
  • M, mean.

  • Initially, 20 Parkinson's disease patients who had self-reported freezing were recruited for the study. Based on the described screening protocol employed to confirm freezing at the time of test, five patients were excluded and are not reported in the current data set.