Table 3

Characteristics of abnormal patients (low categories achieved on Wisconsin Card Sorting Test (WCST)) and normal patients

No of patients (n)3921
Benzodiazepine receptor index (%)
 MCA territory (affected)33.8±31.424.9±28.7
 ACA territory19.1±16.9*10.4±14.6
Cerebral blood flow (ml/100 g/min)
 MCA territory42.6±7.745.0±8.8
 ACA territory45.2±8.547.1±10.4
Cerebral metabolic rate of oxygen (ml/100 g/min)
 MCA territory3.58±0.383.79±0.44
 ACA territory3.70±0.403.85±0.60
Age (years)65±861±10
Sex, male/female (n)28/1117/4
Arterial disease, internal carotid artery/MCA (n)28/1115/6
Side of disease, left/right (n)19/209/12
Symptomatic (n)2313
Subcortical infarction (n)3114
 Size (mm2)137±194142±208
 Frontal infarction (n)2110
Wisconsin Card Sorting Test parameters (n)
 Categories achieved1.4±1.0*4.1±1.0
 Total errors28.6±7.3*15.9±4.2
 Perseverative errors (Nelson)11.1±8.2*3.5±3.0
  • Values are mean±SD.

  • * p<0.05, Mann–Whitney U test.

  • ACA, anterior cerebral artery; MCA, middle cerebral artery.